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Sorrow of Japan

2011.05.31| ・3.11.2011
This time I'll try to write my feeling not the translation of newspaper.

I was in my home with my grandmother when the great east Japan earthquake occurred.
My grandmother and I feared it because it was really a strong tremor.

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They were at the limit of their abilities. part2

2011.05.28| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun, 3/22.
Part1→They were at the limit of their abilities.

The teachers and friends who know their difficulty took some onigiri to them, so they could eat enough.

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New Blog!

2011.05.24| ・3.11.2011

Affected people by The Great East Japan Earthquake

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They were at the limit of their abilities.

2011.05.24| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun, 3/22.

It sounded swash.
A refuge was full of quake and Tsunami-affected people.

A boy was beating a plastic bottle at ground.

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I don't leave here.

2011.05.22| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun, 4/3.

The women who came from Philippine are taking care of older people in a nursing home in Shirakawashi in Fukushima.
The earthquake registered an intensity of 6 there.

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I live as a patient.

2011.05.12| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun,4/3.

Mr.Sasaki lost the medicines which prevent relapse of cerebral infarction.
He who is 60 lived in Rikuzentakata and his home was devastated by Tsunami.

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The tragic worker of Hukushima

2011.05.11| ・3.11.2011
Translation of Asahi shinbun,3/27

A female worker who is working at Hukushima daini nuclear power plant sent e-mail to TEPCO's officer.
The e-mail denoted her agony as she is a worker of the company led to the nuclear accident and also a victim.
Her parents is missing.

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Dear alive people

2011.05.06| ・3.11.2011
I translated the article about Tsunami affected people of Asahi shinbun.
Nakamura Ikuo,a underwater cameraman said,


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