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Wir sind müde. Wollen wir Rast machen.

2011.01.25| ・ドイツ語
* ertappen - catch oneself thinking that --
* die Kaninchen - rabbit
* neidisch - envious
* betrachten - look up
* gemütlich - comfortable

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Only one time.

I'm wondering how I can implove my listening skill.
I decided to watch YouTube a lot only one time. I never try to see it again. Because if I can do that,

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Learning with YouTube

I'd been taking dictations of English for a month. It's almost 6 days a week.
I did it as much as possible.

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Now,children've been having a lot of testing time.

I'd taken dictations of BBC news of English Journal.
In England they have a problem which is whether they should do strict tests for children or scrap it.

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"Don't take advice from actors!"

That's said by Julia Roberts who've just made a new film "eat pray love".

She said it to people who are serviving in bad situation and losting thier way in their life. Because actors don't know anything in order to her.

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collection le Français 2

2011.01.16| ・フランス語
* Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé? --- What's happen?

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So wird man begreifen

2011.01.14| ・ドイツ語
* Shubladen : drawer
* herum/liegen
* beunruhigen : disturb
* Versicherungs : premium
* Vertr(a)ge : agreement

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Interview to Julia Roberts of English Journal

I thought it after taking dictation of her interview that she is so smart and down to earth.
Definitly she 've been seeing much of life and good reader.

She was really answering concisely, and it's my model of speaking.

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collection le Français

2011.01.14| ・フランス語
* J'ai mal à la tête, --- I have a headache,
* Tu devrais aller voir un médecion, --- You have to go to the hospital,
* Ce n'est pas la peine, --- It's not necesally,
* C'est sans doute la fatigue, --- I'm maybe tired,

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conversation in movies 2


* "I need to talk to you."(Tell)
* It was her line.

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conversations in movies

「When Harry met Sally」

* the one
* transitional person
* "You're coming on to me!"

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Herr, schicke uns Bettler.

2011.01.11| ・ドイツ語
1. In dem Dorf, in dem wir wohnen, gibt es nicht einmal einen Bahnhof.
When you are asked that which kind of villages you live, you must use "dem" which means specific village.

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Interview 1 and 2 of English Journal

* with honors
* precede
* from the four cornersof the world : from all over the world
* display
* joint

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Unberechenbare Gäste Von Heinrich Böll

2011.01.11| ・ドイツ語
"Ich habe nichts gegen Tiere, im Gegenteil ; ich mag sie, und ich liebe es, abends, das Fell unseres Hundes zu kraulen, während die Katze auf meinem Schoß sitzt.
Es macht mir Spaß, den Kindern zuzusehen, die in der Wohnzimmerecke die Schildkröte füttern."

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If you keep waiting to be happy, that's never gonna happen.

The words of title were said by Nicole Kidman.
That's very nice words which is very profound.

I love the English accent of her, she was born in Australia. So she has a Australian accent. It's really cute.

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Die deutsche Musik!!

2011.01.10| ・ドイツ語
Ich mögen die Musik!

Die Rapmusik passt gut zum Geutsch!

TOEIC preparation

I preprared for TOEIC taking a pre-exam.
My listening skill was a little bit growing as I expected.

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Hilary Swank and The CBS Evening news of English Journal

* sell : make someone to believe it real or good
* go with
* swear
* "Gee."
* lead up to --

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English Journal

* hook : a kind of style of boxing
* transform
* craft
* pound about 453.6 grams
* back away

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Today's new

2011.01.04| ・その他の言語
I've done dictations of track 4 of "LIVE from N.Y.2".
It needs to take a lots time to do that.

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* be courteous to :
* buckle up : fasten your seatbelt
* belongings : bags that you have
* face forward
* handrail
* Please do not alow your leg to to touch the step behind you.

Sunshine Cleaning


I love this movie!
The story is about a woman who is really dissapointed herself.

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