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The tragic worker of Hukushima

2011.05.11| ・3.11.2011
Translation of Asahi shinbun,3/27

A female worker who is working at Hukushima daini nuclear power plant sent e-mail to TEPCO's officer.
The e-mail denoted her agony as she is a worker of the company led to the nuclear accident and also a victim.
Her parents is missing.

The officer received e-mail from the worker of Hukushima was once working at Hukushima daini nuclear power plant as her superior.

The officer asked TEPCO's sources to show reporters the e-mail.
"I wondered if I need show this now, it's hope of my subordinate. I want you to know more about the status quo."

The e-mail said;

"All of the workers who are working at 1F(Hukushima daiichi nuclear power plant),2F(Hukushima daini nuclear power plant) are victims.
A lots workers were missing their house because of Tsunami.

I confine myself to the emergency measures headquarters ever since hit by the earthquake.
My parents home was along the sea in Hukushima and the whole town were washed by Tsunami.

My parents are still missing, actually I really wanna go search them at once.
But I can't because of its keep out area.

Even the Self-Defense Forces don't go search there.
It's too harsh to work.
I can't endure any more."


At Hukushima daiichi and daini nuclear power plant, 1850 workers of TEPCO and 9500 workers of partner companies like nuclear makers are working.
According to TEPCO, 90% of them live in Hukushima, and 70-80% are residents of Hutaba area near to nuclear power plant.

After the accident, not only the TEPCO's workers and partner company's workers but workers from all parts of the country are at work alternately.

"They are trying to perform their duty as TEPCO's workers not as victims.
Especially the workers at 2F were trying to defend the safety their own plants and also supporting the recovery of 1F.
So it was like a battlefield.

All workers are to the utmost limits.
please understand that."

"This earthquake was natural disaster.
But the fact that TEPCO is here led to the contamination of radioactivity.

All are leaving their home and can't know when they can go back.
They can't vent their anger on anyone.
That's the present condition."

The worker are asking for help from headquarters telling the real.