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The princess and the terminator

Older couples are calling it quits and returning to adolescence.
They are Arnold Schwarzenegger, 63, and Maria Shriver, 55.

It has passed 25years since they got married.
I've never tried to get married practically, so it's hard to image their marriage life.
25 years is too long to choose a separate life.

According to Newsweek, almost people were astonished and doubted their true love 25years ago.
But as the years went by, the astonished people had to concede we were wrong.

And now,they know they were surely right.

I heard that he has had affairs with a lot of ladies during their happy marriage.

So it wasn't a happy marriage, it was a hapless marriage.
It was only a pretense.


I don't know about him so much and I couldn't refer to him.
But I feel so sad to consider her sorrow.

I can expect definite fact led her to decide good-by to him.
It's not only angry but so sad to be betrayed by her husband whom she has trusted for a long period of time.

But nobody can know the actual fact.

"Love is desirable.
Money is absolutely indispensable."

This is almost maxim!
In a movie, a old mother was asserting this to her daughter.

She wanted her daughter to get married with the guy who is rich but a bit fool.

On the other hand, her daughter hoped to get married with the guy whom she loves, even if she can't get enough money to make living.

I couldn't help but trust the old lady because it was completely persuasive.
And I also couldn't help being anxious about my future.

If it's true, all of couples throughout the world who believe their love have to have tragic future.
I don't wanna believe it, but it's would be real for not a little couples.

But I don't have to be nervous about that as nothing is ganna happen!




Thank you for your comment^^

I wrote this with a dictionary, so it's OK!

I didn't know that!
They are not only studying their special field but also learning English!

I think it's great for you!
You can do it too!

I also want you to go there, actually I don't know there so much.
But it's great if you can have a opportunity to do so!