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About this blog

* I write articles of this blog for the purpose of registering my learning multi-language.
I'm studying hard especially English and French.
* I've stayed the country in Canada for a year since June,2011.
So I write about the daily life in Canada in English.

* If you wanna know about study in Canada, please click here Study in Canada

* If you wanna know about the daily life in Canada, please click here Life in Canada

* if you wanna read all posts in this blog, please click here All Post

About myself

* name:Poly, nationality: Japan

* I started learning multi-language since November,2010.
The trip to India triggered my study because it was so exciting to speak English to communicate people who are living in completely different life from my life.
English and other languages can open the door to much different world!

* I love learning unfamiliar knowledges about the life and world which I couldn't know in Japanese world.
I also love meeting the people whom I couldn't meet in Japan.

* I think the most important thing is to grind away for improving language skill.
These are also important:

1. Enjoying studying

2. Listening to real speech and talking by native speaker, or reading real information ,for example newspaper.

3. Studying vocabulary, listening, reading and grammar equally.

4. Not to force myself to study.