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I don't leave here.

2011.05.22| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun, 4/3.

The women who came from Philippine are taking care of older people in a nursing home in Shirakawashi in Fukushima.
The earthquake registered an intensity of 6 there.

They are afraid of the accident of nuclear power plant, They are nevertheless snuggling down to sick people.

There are 80 aged people in the nursing home.

A woman in her middle forties who came there for obtaining the qualification of the care worker has lived there for a year and a half.
Her husband and son are worrying for her in her hometown.

"I can't leave here with leaving those people who are relying on me."

Another woman in her middle thirties was said by her families again and again, "Japan is dangerous".
She is trying to calm them down to answer," It's safe as the numerical value of radiation is low."

Aged people and staffs have helped her studying Japanese.

"All of people there are so kind.
I don't wanna despaired for my dream."


It has passed 3 weeks.
A woman, 27, are helping a elder to eat a lunch.

"Here you are."
They open their mouth simultaneously, and smile.

"I can't be the only one who leave here when Japanese have so difficult situation."

She has just came to Japan last November with leaving her husband and son behind.
They say, "We are praying for you everyday".

There are 4 Philippine women in the facility.

"They works kindly despite anxiety. I really appreciate them." said a aged woman.
The women's smile cheer everyone.