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The Senkaku Japan

I watched the video of Saimul English course which included the interview to a interpreter.
Her name is Tamako Takamatsu.

I didn't know her, so I retrieved her name by yahoo.
Then I found this video! 

She is such a famous and professional woman!

I was really astonished because I 'd never watched interpreter's working.
It's so professional and hard!

Of course I saw some women at work as interpreters, but they interpreted what artists were saying in music show.
These conversation were not so professional and about special fields because it's entertainments.

But! Watch it!

I can't image the inside of her brain and her notes!
It must have been like mass production factory!

Tokyo governor, Ishihara was especially not tender for her, so she must have been like a copy machine with bulk production!

But she was just smiling at Mr.Isshiki, and doing her duty.

She had to ask the said person about the meaning what he said if she couldn't understand.
Also she had to make sure the number of his children, it's more difficult as there are a lot of differences between English and Japanese.

I can promise you that I can't be like her even if I take Saimul English course for six months.
It needs absolutely ten years or more.