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The continuation of my study is the most difficult.

I'm always optimistic about myself and my life.
I'm really fortunate because I have a nice family and nice friends.

I tend to like an unrestrained way of living, and I seem to look like a happy person.
But sometimes I'm gonna lose confidence.
I can't help but think that I can't do this and I'm like "if I can, is it good way for my life? Is there no way of living for myself?"

It's tough question.
Because nobody can't answer it even if there is a answer somewhere.

But I think that giving up is a easiest choice.
You can give up anything throughout your life, you can even kill yourself with giving up your life.

There are 30 thousand or more people who commit suicide in Japan every year.
On the other hand, a few people can continue their hard plan, almost people give them up and go to easier ways.

The world is full of temptations and despairs which make you difficult to keep your studying or working.

But I don't wanna give up my study, I know that the continuation would give me a very precious present someday.

I wanna be a person of a few people who've been able to have their decision to keep their study.