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They were at the limit of their abilities.

2011.05.24| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun, 3/22.

It sounded swash.
A refuge was full of quake and Tsunami-affected people.

A boy was beating a plastic bottle at ground.
Ten-year-old boy and his brother were playing together.
Then, a younger boy lay down on a blanket, and picked up his mother's mobile phone.

"I wanna watch a TV, but the battery has no surplus anymore!"
His voice with anxiety became louder and louder.

"It's all right. It's fine."
She tried to calm dowm with being afraid for surrounding.


There is a gymnasium in Ofunato in Iwate where about 300 people are living.

The boy is autism, who is 4 grade of special class of elementary school.
His mother is taking care of him around the clock.

Now he sleeps well because he is maybe tired.
But he goes to somewhere in a minute when she put off herself.

"It's terrible, but we can lie down with stretching ourselves out here." she said.

The difficult boy tend to panic at the aftershock.
They were so afraid of it that they had stayed and slept in their car for a week.

At that time, the boy stayed in the car for almost 24 hours.

He was repeating some lines of "Chibi maruko chan" and humming to himself with beating wall of the car.

He detests the change of surroundings and astonishing stimulations as same as most autism children.

He goes on screaming when he is environed by strange people and he listens a siren.

To be continue...