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They were at the limit of their abilities. part2

2011.05.28| ・3.11.2011
The translation of Asahi shinbun, 3/22.
Part1→They were at the limit of their abilities.

The teachers and friends who know their difficulty took some onigiri to them, so they could eat enough.
But there are a lot of people who are not teachers or students.

"All of people can't understand and sympathize the disorder of my son.
I was so afraid about when he makes much ado that I couldn't stay the refuge." his mother said.


The difficult boy's uncle had stayed in their same car.

"We will stay together as much as possible to relieve him."
He lined with 3 cars in the playground, and stayed with 8 relatives.

Their homes were devastated by powerful Tsunami.
Actualities was "They couldn't stay anywhere without their cars."

In the city, it snows almost every night.
The uncle got up and had the engine started for 5 minutes.
But the rest of it was a little.

They couldn't take a bath and go buy their underwear for a week.
She couldn't sleep well with unease.

They were at the limit of their abilities to stay in their cars.

The life in the refuge is absolutely better than the life at that time.
But the difficult boy says sometime "Let's go eat lunch in our cars!"

Their prospects for the future are very vague.
"We wanna stay here. We want everyone to overlook." they said, but they always have anxieties.