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Are you proud that you are Japanese?

I really wanna go to Canada because I wanna learn English more and more and have an insight into the world.

That's exactly what I really wanna do.
But I also get nervous that I might have some tedious experiences.
I'd traveled in Canada, but I think that traveling in foreign country is much different from living there.
Living there is more harder than you expect.
Because you have to deal with a lots troublesome procedures and orient yourself to the society.

You have to be like a Canadian if you wanna live comfortably in Canada.
And you shouldn't bring the rules and common senses of your own county into there.

The people are living with their own rules in Canada, the rules cannot be applied to your society.
These are much different.

You have to understand that and act as same as Canadian people do.
It's so difficult that a lots people get nervous or angry.

So I think I can live there for several years but I can't live there forever in my life.
Because I'm Japanese.

I do like Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese climate and Japanese people.
I'm proud of that Japanese people are decent and tender.

I know some Japanese are very selfish and violent.
But the kind of people are around the world.

I do like that Japanese tend to regard harmony as important.
I like clearly changes of the four seasons in Japan.

Japan is my spiritual home.
My family, boy friend and friends are living there.
Of course I love Canadian culture, but home can't be changed.

Nowadays, a lots people, especially women tend to prefer getting married with men from another countries and living abroad.

I have a acquaintance who is in Canada.
She is Japanese to be exact,but she got married with a Canadian man about 10 years ago and she lives in Canada.

I wonder how she thinks about her life.
She might be feeling lonely.

In Canada, Japanese are minority who have to live there with some troubles.
Because they should learn language and culture.

Even if they have husbands who help them to live there and they are equality, xanthous people can't be white people biologically.
Even if they wanna be like natives or their friends are so nice, they sometimes might feel lonely.

I don't wanna complain.
I'm just thinking about living in my own country or in a foreign country.

Anyway, I like both counties!