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Sorrow of Japan

2011.05.31| ・3.11.2011
This time I'll try to write my feeling not the translation of newspaper.

I was in my home with my grandmother when the great east Japan earthquake occurred.
My grandmother and I feared it because it was really a strong tremor.
We turned on the TV soon to watch the details of the earthquake.
And we saw that inconceivable Tsunami was devastating thousands of homes in Tohuku region.

I couldn't believe it was real.
It was just like a movie.
I felt as if I was watching a movie.

But unfortunately it was real.

I watched some cars were trying to escape from Tsunami but they couldn't.
They were swept away by brutal water.

I'd thought that real life was not great or tragic like movies and the tragic stories of movies were exaggerated by strategies.
Because film makers want people to be emotional to sell them more and more.

But it's not true.
The real is more tragic than any movies.

A lots women lost her children.
There are some people who lost their all family and became alone.
It is nothing if not tragic.

We don't live in Tohoku and Fukushima where were suffered from the catastrophe.
So we are not victims.

But I can't be delighted.
I can't help but think the tragic life of thousands of victims.

Almost all of them have to stay still in refuges where are not comfortable and endure heavy circumstances.
Who aren't experiencing it can't explain difficulties of it because it's unimaginable.

It will take so long period of time to revive Tohoku region and the people's life.
This country's economy is not going well, so we Japanese have to be patient.

All of Japanese are suffering from this earthquake in some way.
Some family, especially who have a little child might have to evade radiation and go to safe region.
Some people have to arrange their work schedules again.

But I believe that Japanese are great tribe and we can overcome this difficulties.
We will endure and triumph over it with harmony of people.