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Are you proud that you are Japanese? part.2

When I was 18 years old, I didn't like Japanese culture and common sense in Japan.
I thought that Japanese people tended to cater to someone and they didn't act by themselves.
In Japan, if you try to do something outrageous, everyone might say you are crazy!
If you vent your angry to someone by shouting or crying, everyone might look at you distantly.

Japanese people tend to be conservative and pessimistic.

Relatively speaking they don't like deviations and they try to be normal.
They don't complain about unreasonable rules when their teachers say for them to do so.

I couldn't figure out why Japanese people are like that.
I was not a very good student so I didn't cater to my teachers.
I don't think it was great but I couldn't help but do so.

And I really wanted to go abroad so I decided to go to Canada when I was 18.
I traveled in Canada from Vancouver to Prince Edward Island by bus.
It was a long trip.

Canadian people were so kind and moderate.
I loved that some people were reading books in the park in the daytime.
I loved that an old man was doing sunbathing.
I can't see the kind of people in Japan.

I loved big muffins of Tim Hortons! It was so nice!
I found many nice aspects of Canada, but I also realized so many great aspects of Japan.

I'd not noticed them in Japan, but I could realize them when I went abroad.
"One must go abroad for news of home."
This is correct!

Then I became a Japanese lover.
I'm heartily glad to be born as a Japanese in Japan.

Of course I sometimes feel uncomfortable, but generally it's great country.