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Favorite novelist 1. Kaori Ekuni

She is a famous Japanese novelist. I really like her books.
Her literary style is so fresh that I feel as if I'm floating with stream.
It's really comfortable.

She always focuses trivial details of trivial people and ordinary life.
It's not special stuffs, but she knows that it's more worth than extraordinary achievements and statuses.

The characters of her books tend to be very delicate and particular about unique things.
For example, a woman has fixed procedures when she eats some foods and she goes to bed.

Another woman has inmost thoughts that her husband who suddenly disappeared will be back though it has passed 10 years.
They are so faithful to somethings which they trust.

I have a lot of her books in my bookshelf.


The most favorite books are "Kamisama no boat" (The boat of God) and "rakka suru yuugata" (The falling evening).
These stories are not kind of happy stories.
It's melancholy, wistful and hopeless.

But somehow, I didn't feel sad when I red these books.
Of course it's sad stories but the characters trust their beliefs.
I think that it's the best way of living for them.

And I also like "Natsu no hikari" (The light in summer).
This story is like a dream. It's almost dream.
When I red it,I was like "I'm dreaming with reading it!"

I don't read her books to get some wisdoms of life.
I don't read them to try to change my life.

I just read them to feel as if I'm floating with the stream.
Because it's so comfortable!