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Favorite novelist 2. Eimi Yamada

She is a famous Japanese novelist.
I red her book when I was a university student.
By that time, I hadn't red novels because I hadn't thought these were interesting.

But one day I felt like reading novels for some reason, and I went to a bookstore.
And I found her book. That was "A to Z".

I became a fan of her books immediately when I red it.
Because it was just interesting!
Her literary style is chivalrous and masculine.
But at the same time, it's so feminine and gentle.

I've never met the kind of literary style except hers.
She is very talented novelist.
This is my collection!

One of the most favorite book is "tyoutyou no tensoku" (fetter of butterfly).
The literary style of this book is completely extraordinary!
It's overwhelmingly splendid!

The sentences are relatively short, concise and clear.
It's gonna be imperfect if one sentence is absent.
These sentences are set impeccably and you have to concentrate your attention on these to read.
It's just exciting!

She has passion for human being and life.
She is very wild like a cheetah.
But at the same time, she is rational.
I think she has so profound inside.

And I also love "Himegimi" (Princess) and "Shikisai no musuko" (San of color).
These are novelettes.
She writes great short stories.

Despair and desire can coexist in her books.
And she focuses something which nobody focuses and tries to explain because it's very vague and risky.

But she just tries to find the truth of life and human being even if it's taboo.
I love it. I adore her posture.

She hates hypocrite who pretends to be good person.
She tries to expose lies.

I prefer her later books to former because former books is too pointed.
Later she is gonna more tender.