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Favorite philosopher 1. Akiko Ikeda

She is a Japanese philosopher.
She died about four years ago when she was forty-six.
When I was 18 years old, I'm reading her books all day long.
I was so young that I thought that there was the truth of the world somewhere.


I was a awkward teenager, so I wanted to find something definite about the world and life.
Because I couldn't know anything about these.
I was born unconsciously and I have to live until I die.

I don't wanna give up my life and die, but I thought it was unreasonable.
I couldn't understand the meaning of existence of the world.

Why is there the world?
Why are there uncountable creatures on the Earth?
Why do we have to go through hardships in our life?
Why do we have to be in pain when we die?

I had lots of unsolved questions, and I have these even now.
These are mysteries of the world which always bother us.

I met her books when I was troubled.
These are her books which I have.

I red "Kangaeru hibi" at first.
I can't explain my feeling at the time, but I thought "This is exactly what I wanna know!"

She was trying to solve profound mysteries of existence by thinking about these all the time in her life.
She was so strict and stoic that I could find these characters in her sentences.
It was sometimes too pointed.

She seemed very feminine but actually she was very chivalrous.
You can understand the meaning when you read her books.
She was much different from ordinary people in terms of her zest for "existence".

She said "I was doing nothing except thinking about it."
Maybe she was born in the world to think.
She was exactly a thinking reed.

I could think about lots things through her books which helped me to focus the problem of something.
In this world, the core of the problems tend to be forgotten thanks to our laziness and worldly desires.

She said "We have to think about the meaning of existence as long as we live."
Her criticism was always true, so I sometimes felt "It's true but it's too strict."

According to her books, we have to be strict and forbid becaming dull.
But I think that we can't help but become dull even if we are dignified.
There needs to be some procedures to forgive it.

But I really respect her on certain points.