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Favorite philosopher 2. Πλάτων

His English name is Plato who was a famous philosopher in antiquity in Greece.
Greek philosophy is even now a reservoir of knowledge about the world and life.

After I met Ikeda's books, I started reading his books.
These weren't duties or homeworks for university students, but I really wanted to read these.
Because I was interested in the mysteries of the world which is ubiquitous, we can't nevertheless realize it.

In antiquity, lots of philosophers'd thought about the mysteries and arguing these.
I can't imagine that because these days we never discuss these, we are just working harder and walking hurriedly.

But all of us sometimes query whether it is useful in busy life.
We can think about philosophic issues but we don't wanna think these.
Because once you begin, you can't stop it unless you give up thinking.

Philosophers think about the world and life and they do nothing except it.
It's not interesting and fascinating stuff for most people who prefer living normally to thinking.

But I think you have to consider these at least when you are teenagers.
Even if you are busy or happy, you sometimes doubt the values which are regarded as worthy by everyone.
For example it's fortune, love, status, health, time, words and anything.


These are my favorite books of him.
I like "Phaedo" (Phaidon) which is about immortality of soul.

I can't agree with this book completely because I don't see immortal in this existent world.
But perhaps you could live as soul even if you die.

The more you consider, the more profound the mysteries are.
You can't solve these at least as long as you live.