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Frustration or Achievement

I think frustration is always tempting you to give up your dreams and become dull.
Even now, I'm wondering why do I have to write this in English.
Actually it's not so tedious but I have to use my brain like moving a steam locomotive
It's not my duty, I just thought that it was tha best way to improve my English skills.
I don't have to do this, so I just regard this as duty.


When I was a teenager, I was too capricious to continue my schedules which were determined by myself.
These were always dumped, and I got liberty.
It was a make-believe liberty but I believed it.

I thought that I had to be free from everything because I didn't wanna endure anything.
I trusted proudly my abilities despite my laziness.

Oh...I'm so embarrassed..
I'd done nothing proud in my adolescence.
Of course I'd achieved some goals, but it's not enough.
I should do something more proud to improve myself.

A baseball player said "I was not greater and more talented baseball player as compared with others when I was young.
But I had the ability of continuing my work even if almost all of them quited it.
And I became like this without notice, I can keep playing now."

I was so encouraged to hear that.
I beleive that everyone can do something proud and has the capacities for achievements.