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Everyone's favorite or Few people's favorite

In your childhood, you were dreaming that you would be a everyone's favorite.
Most grown-ups taught you that you had to be like that and have good relationships with everyone.
You know this song, "When I'll be first grade, I wanna have 100 friends!"
It's dream for most children.

When I was little, I was also dreaming about it as same as most children.
But, of course I couldn't have 100 friends. It's too much!


In adolescence, most boys want most girls to love them to savor superiority complex.
It's funny because they try to draw girls with dying or combing their hairs.
You can see it among wild animals.

Most girls want their princes to love them to be princess.
They are always serious about it even if they seem ridiculous.
They try to be close to the boys to fascinate them.

It's same as boys.
But unfortunately, it always goes bad because it's a impossible dream, not real.

I prefer a unpopular boy to popular one because I can know the attractive aspects of him with everyone's ignorance.
It's fascinating to figure out his inside which everyone can't do it.

Every girl can know the attractive aspect of a charmer who is loved by lots of girls.
It's boring to do common things.