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Fortune or Misfortune

Everyone hates misfortune. You are trying to avoid these things which lead you to ruin.
Of course I don't wanna make useless efforts.
But at the same time, there might be some useful pain in your life.

Who is growing up with no pain and no failure will have often some pains and failures in their manhood or womanhood.
Who was born in so happy family hadn't had some opportunities to learn that there are some traitors in the world.
And they might be next to you.

So you become honest to a fault, you can't distinguish between good person and bad person.
You should have learned it in your childhood, but everyone was too nice to teach it to you.

Who was growing up in so wealthy and smart family hadn't had some opportunities to learn the meaning of frustration.
You'd had very good exam results, you'd had lots of fascinating toys, and you'd made only nice memories in your childhood.

But life is too long to live with only good experiences.
You might be week when you are confronted with big difficulties.
You will experience the first frustration in your life, but it might be too late to learn the meaning of it.
Because you are already a grown-up who had lots of great memory in childhood which make you at all points.

I think that life is full of ironies and paradoxes.
I have to learn more to live safely.