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I'm in Halifax!!

2011.06.13| ・カナダにて
Hi! I'm in Halifax in Canada!
It took long, long time to come here. It was almost 34hours!!
It was tough but it wasn't tougher than I'd expected.
I took a rest as I can as possible, and it was nice.
Canada, especially Halifax is so cold! Today is rainy, cold!

Let me say this..
I'm really missing my family, friends and my boy friend already!
Everyone is kind, tender and nice.
But I'm feeling lonely because I'm stranger now for Canadian.
I have to find a comportable place where I can live for months as soon as possible.

And I have to find a nice job, but a Taiwanish girl (she is actually working as professor at univercity in Taiwan) said that I was too brave to do it!
Because here, it's queit, only a few people and onl a few jobs, maybe.
It's too bad!!
I have to find something nice!

I had a dream yesterday. I talked to a Brazilian person who spoke in English.
And I spoke English too!
It's great. I love it.
I'll enjoy staying here whatever will happen!