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Opened an account and got Korean friends!

2011.06.14| ・カナダにて
Now it's 19:00 in Halifax.
Today I was so lonely and not happy because it was rainy!
I hate rain!
My heart is so sensitive about weather and I don't like hard life in Canada because I'd just arrived here yesterday.
I have to feel comfortable to live here.

But I got an opportunity to make some friends here.
I met a girl who is a Korean and studying English now.
She has just arrived at Halifax today, and She thought that I was a Korean.

And she talked to me in Korean, but I couldn't understand what she said because I'm not Korean.
But we were starting to talk and eat a lunch together.
She said that we can be a best friend!

I couldn't agree with that because we'd just met each other just 10 minutes before!
But I was so glad to hear that:)

She had a plan which she met a agency to open an account, so I went with her to the agency's office.
There were lots of Korean people who were chatting about something in Korean.
A woman talked to me like "Hey! Where are you from? I thought you are a Korean!"

She was so friendly, frank and eloquent!
And these girls and I went to the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) for me!
Because the Korean girl couldn't open an account because of some reason.

I don't know why but she couldn't.
They weren't reluctant to go to the bank for me, they went there very kindly.

And I could open an account by myself!!
The receptionist said "Your English is very nice. I can understand what you said and you can understand what I said."
It's really great compliment for me, isn't it?!

Maybe she was glad to hear that I will stay here for a year.
She was so kind, tender and friendly!
I could ask her some question which I wondered about an account and I could tell her what I want.

She said that I could come here anytime if I wanna ask her question.
I told her that I wanna make lots friends here.
She said it takes lots time to do so.

It's true. I wanna be friends with her but it's maybe difficult...^^;
Anyway, I was so happy!

And then we went to restaurant to eat Japanese food because they wanted to eat these.
I ate Katsu-don. It was so nice.
They were always talking with mixing English and Korean.

It's so interesting.
I love the sound of Korean. It's cute!
Today I'm not lonely, I'm so happy! :)