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looking for a share house and some friends

2011.06.14| ・カナダにて
The time is 17:00 in Halifax.
Today I'm looking for the share house where I can stay for several month.
And also searching new frineds here with using the internet.
I went a share house to meet the owner there with a Korean girl.
But it's too difficult to find a proper, good place to live because we don't know anything here!
We know where are dangerous or where are expensive, but that's all that we know.

I think the most important thing is the people who will be living with me.
I do wanna live with very nice people to improve my English skills. It's necessary.
But what should I do for that?

Do I have to search more? Do I have to walk around to get some information about the city?
It's true but it's not enough.

I do wanna get some friends, especially English native speakers.
I told the Korean girl that I'll participate in the session of volunteer of some festival which'll be held in Halifax.
She was interested in it.

oh...I'm so tired..
It's still cloudy,'s terrible..