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Went to the restaurant to eat lobster with Taiwanese girl

2011.06.16| ・カナダにて
She is a professor at the univercity in her country, and she and I went to the restaurant.
Lobster is a very famous food here 'cuz there are ports here.
Actually my brain is not working well now and I'm sleepy.
So my English tends to be broken. Sorry

And I told her that I came here to improve my English 'cuz there are a few Japanese in Halifax.
I heard that in Japan and I thought it's so nice to stay in only English world.
'Cuz if there are any Japanese around me, I can't help but talk in Japanese.

It's so easy to just speak Japanese. I'm a native Japanese speaker.
But It's not so good, too bad.

But here, is boring.
Actually I'm so bored.
It's always raining, being so cold.
I can't do anything here.

I can't help but think, "why did I come here?"
Sorry, but I'm thinking to go another place where is more bigger than here and more fun.
Maybe Tronto or Montreal...

The girl told me that if she was me, she would change the place and go.
Get job, work and play, that's what she wants to do.
And there she can do anything what she wants to do.

She said it's too long to stay here for a year.
The city is too small, the weather is bad..
I don't wanna complain about that, but...

Maybe I shouldn't have came here.
I made a mistake.

Everone is so kind and so nice.
The hostel where I'm staying is so nice, the people are so tender, I love it.
You can ask them anything, and they would help you to stay more comfortable.

Oh...I can't decide...
Which is correct for me?