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I've got my house!

2011.06.17| ・カナダにて
I've got my house which is near to Downtown and neat.
My Korean friend will live there at least for 2 months, by the end of July.
She was always helping me to find the house.
There are 4 Canadian people who are all students of Universities in Halifax.
I'll stay there at least for 2 months.
I'll try to get a job, study English,make some Canadian friends for 2 months.
And if I'll not be able to get anything, I'll go to another place.

The Korean girl is so kind.
We can share all feelings 'cuz we are being in same situations.
We've just came here 5 days ago, we choose to go to Halifax 'cuz we thought that there were a few people who came here from our own countries.
We were looking for the house together, we complain about the weather here...

We are always together.
When I was in Japan,I thought it's not good way to make friends with non native speakers of English.
Because I wanna learn correct English from native speakers.

But staying in foreign county is more harder than I'd expected.
You have to do anything by yourself. You have to find a job and friends, you have to overcome lonelyness which is the most difficult to overcome for me.

This morning I contacted my mother.
She was so calm, she was just smiling to me and saying like "How is the weather? You have to be careful about your health. Are you eating vegitables?"
I couldn't help but think that I really wanna go back my home...

So I need someone who is just staying next to me.
So the girl is always releafing my lonelyness.
But, still, I'm really missing my mother...
I do love her.. oh god...I'm like a little baby..I'm not a baby..I'm 22.
I have to be more stronger.
I don't wanna cry. But at the same time I feel like crying.