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Met a lot, Drunk a lot

2011.06.18| ・カナダにて
I moved to my new house from the hostel, and a woman talked to me "We're going to dance. Do you wanna join us?"
I really wanted to make friends, so I said "Yeah! A korean frined is in up steirs so I 'll tell her"
But she said that she didn't wanna go there because she was so tired.
So I joined in her friends and went to her friend's house and drunk.

And then I came back my home safely.
The people said "I don't think it's safe to go home alone in Halifax."
I couldn't believe it because my house's key is broken.
So everyone can come into my house!!

That's not safe. But it's all right for everybody.
I can't believe it.

I met lots of people today.
A girl who is staying in the same house is studying low!
She will be a lawyer! She doesn't look like a lawyer but...she is so professional!

And when I call to take a cab, a driver asked me how was earthquake.
I said that's terrible, horrible, it was like a movie or something.

um...That's not too bad..
But they spoke so fast!!
I was just smilig, smiling..
But everyone was nice, so I was happy! :)