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Language Exchange

2011.06.19| ・カナダにて
I think it's a litte bit difficult to make lots Canadian friends because of my English skills.
I went to a small party with a house mate and her friends.
There were 15 people but they were speaking so fast!
I couldn't understand everything. I was like "What? What are they talking about??"
And I joind in the game without much knowledge about it.
I don't wanna complain because everone was so kind.

But if they are not interested in Japanese or Japanese language, they might regard me as a poor English speaker.
I can't tell them myself a lot, so I just stay there.
But if there are some people who are interested in Japanese language, they might wanna talk to me because of my nationality.

I'm a native speaker of Japanese so I can teach them my own language.
If they are native speaker of English, they can teach me.
It's great idea.

It's called "Language Exchange".
I'm looking for the kind of person.
I'm chatting with Spanish girl who is 22 and French boy who is just 15!
Their first language aren't English, but it's OK.

The girl is living in Spain, and the boy is going to school in Quebec.
The boy is too young, but she is almost same age as me, so I really wanna make friends with her!