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Week1. Life is far from easy!!

2011.06.20| ・カナダにて
This is the maxim by my best friend.
She went to America to go to school for a year when she was a high school student.
She went through lots difficulties at that time.
But she didn't give up even if her host families weren't nice, even if her school life was so tough.
She had never said "I don't wanna stay here anymore..I wanna go back home.."
That's why I'm proud of her.
If I was her, I couldn't help but whine, but she didn't.

So I have to study Englsih more and more..I have to go outside, make friends, speak a lot, study a lot..
I shouldn't whine. I thought it was easy to get 800 score on TOEIC.
But life is far from easy!! That's true..
I have to say "Life is difficult!!"

But!! All I can do in Canada is to study English disperately.
That's all. I have to try without any doubt and complaint.

Week1 6/11--6/17

This week was like a storm!
That's all. Please check other posts for details of this week..