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A handsome guy to leave here!

2011.06.21| ・カナダにて
I met the guy who are living here in up stairs (I'm living in down stairs).
He is maybe a university student, handsome and friendly!
I met him and I told him that my Korean friend really wants to make friends with him.
She is always saying "I wanna make friends with him, but he's always in his room! What can I do??"
So I asked him to go to eat something with us in the near future.
He said "Oh, right, sounds good, I'm gonna leave here on Saturday this week."

He's gonna leave here!! And he never come back here until the end of July.
So we can't meet him after this weekend!!
I didn't know that.

Anyway, we are gonna go to eat in this week.
Or, it might be a little party in our house with the people who are living here.
Maybe Thursday or Friday...
um...I told him "I wanna make frineds here, but it's difficult.."
He was like "No..I don't think so.."

This time is day time in Halifax.
I'll attend to sessions of volunteer which will be held at July 1st.
I'll work!! But it's free!!
GIVE ME A LITLE MONEY! Do I look like a homeless?? :)