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Cried at Job center...

2011.06.22| ・カナダにて
I cried at a job center today!
I went there to make appointment to make my Resume and find a job.
I told a manager my preference of jobs and my purpose of visiting here.
She told me like "Youe English isn't fluent, so I think it's difficult to get a professional job here.
I mean, your English not low, but not fluent. So perhaps you might have to work as a waitress at the restaurant or shop..But don't be dissappointed."

And she asked me "What kind of job do you wanna get? You have to have more specific purposes about it."
But all I wanna do here is to improve my English skills.
To be honest, I already realized that I can't get a professional job because of my poor English skill.

I know, I know that.....
And I was gonna be so sad... and finally I cried in front of her!!!
That's terrible..But I couldn't stop crying.
I cried bitterly..

She was surpraised, and "What makes you so sad? Tell me, Why you are so sad?"
I said "Because I came here to improve my English skills and make lots Canadian friends. But now I don't have any Canadian friends. It's so difficult! If my Englsih is not good, someone might regard me as apoor English person."

She said "So you are a little bit disappointed? But you can improve you English! Because you've just arrived here! You'll stay here for a long time! So your Englsih WILL be improving!"

But nobody knows about it!!!!!!
I can't know my English skills after a year.
Anybody doesn't know whether my English will be very nice or not.

I'm always thinking about it, and I'm always feeling sad....
Why is my Englsih so poor???????????????????????
I studied Englsih a lot in Japan. I did my best,I think.

But, my English is terrible..Why?????????????
Please answer me..Why can everyone speak English very well???
Why am I always speaking poor English. Everybody can, but I can't. WHY??????????????

Why is it so hard for me??
Why do I have no Canadian friends????????

I can stay here for just one year. Then I have to go back my country.
It's not enough time to be like a native speaker.
I have to hurry up! I'm so tired..



Don't be so nurvous!!

Don't be so hurry!

Take it easy!

Re: タイトル

Thank you for your kindness!!
I thought I had to hurry up. But to improve English will take a long time...definitely!!!
So I don't have to hurry up :)