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gonna go to school??

2011.06.23| ・カナダにて
Maybe I might go to school..I'm not sure, but maybe.
Because I really wanna improve my Englsih as soon as possible.
And I can't do this by myself, I need somebody who can help me.
Yesterday, I talked with Japanese agent by Skype.
I didn't use any agent when I came here because I wanted to do everything by myself.
If I could do it, I would be proud of myself.

But I wanted to get some informations about language schools in Halifax.
He gave me a lot of useful informations!!

And I went to a language school to know about courses today.
The teachers (one of them was a Japanese!) said "Your English is good! How did you get such a English? I'm surprised! Have you ever gone to some English school?"

I was confused!!
Yeasterday, the manager told me that my English isn't fluent. I have to work as waitress at the restaurant. Then I was so sad.
But today, both teacher gave me great complimants. Which is true???

I guess that the teachers might be always hearing their student's terrible Enlgish speaking.
It is what is called Japanese English.
I hate this!
I didn't wanna speak English with Japanese accent. So I tried to speak more like a native speaker in Japan before I came here.

I think both opinion are true.
My English is not fluent, but not low, and good. ????????

Anyway...I got a library card!!!
I can borrow 70 books for 3 weeks for free!! Great!
I found the movie "Before Sunrise" which is a great romantic love story.
I really like it, so I borrowed it, and I'm watching it now!