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How to deal with my first language

2011.06.23| ・カナダにて
I don't have any Japanese friends here. And I think it's great means for my English.
Because if I make friends with Japanese, I can't help but speak Japanese.
It's easier than speaking English.
But now my brain is trying to get accustomed to new surroundings.
It's making every effort to adapt itself to new language, English.
It's so exciting experience for me!
So I don't wanna speak Japanese at all except with my family and boy friend.

But my friends, Korean girls are always talking in Korean.
Yesterday they went to the church which is Korean church.
It's not my bussiness but I don't think it's useful for their learning English.

I guess that they don't have much passions to improve thier English here.
My house mate (a Korean girl) is always saying "I wanna meet my boy friend! I wanna go back my country..If I go back there, I would never come back here.."
Then, Why did she come here???
For what??????????????

She has to overcome those sadness and anxieties.
There are lots of stresses when everyone stay in foreign counties.
It's inevitable, but at the same time, it's very easy to run away from those difficulties.
You can make friends very easily with the people who speak in your mother tongue.

I know that lots of difficulties would be great, precious memories in the future.
I can stay here for only a year.
It's precious time. It never come back.

Day before yesterday, I cried bitterly.
But today, I'm fine!!! I'm so happy to come here, stay here!