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studied 8 hours in library!

2011.06.26| ・カナダにて
It's 22:15 in Halifax!
Today, I went to the library studying English 8 hours!! It's amazing isn't it?!
I've finished Royal English Grammar book! Yeah!
Yesterday, I met a woman who teachs English one to one.
She told me that she could understand what I said because my pronunciation was nice.
I have a little nit of Japanese accent, but it appears to be no problem.
But she also said if she couldn't understand what I said, it was because of my grammar mistakes.

So I ought to obtain grammar basic to speak English more fruently!
If I had studied English grammar more in Japan, I could speak more fluently! Oh!!
But it's fun studying English grammar.
I'll study with Grammar in use next!


I think the highest skill of my English is listening skill.
Since I came here, it has been improving gradually.
When someone talk to me, I was always being all attention.
I'm always as busy as a bee!

Needless to say, my listening skill is by far the better than speaking, that is, my speaking is horrible...
In any case, I won't agree on the idea that my English is terrible!
I'll do my best at any rate!
I'll study a lot so I'll be a great English speaker!