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Writing assignment 2-4

2011.06.27| ・カナダにて
Writing assignment2
Many popular films are based on situations that would cause most of us to panic - for example, boats sinking at sea, fires breaking out in tall office buildings.
Why do you think such films are popular?
Mention any films like that you have seen, and discribe your reaction on them.
A) I've seen a lot of action movies in my life.
Most stories of the movies were thrilling and made me upset.
Thriling experiences might give you kind of certain sence of achievement and you are often willing to receive it.

Because you think that life in general is boring.
Something special never happen, and you never meet some handsome and well-educated gay.
You are eager for something special and longing for it.

Most of movies could give you something exciting, fascinating and amazing experience.
Even if those're fictions, you don't care.

Writing assignment 3
Describe a TV program that you know. Describe the characters and plot, and discuss any male or female stereotypes.

I saw "Lupin the 3rd" when I was young.
Hujiko who is a main character of this movie is so sexy, attractive and symbol of "women".
I think she is the stereotype of female.
Every man likes the kind of woman, doesn't they??!
Only I can say is "The kind of women don't exist in this world except in your brain!!!"

Writing assignment 4
What do you think are the most important gender issues in today's working place (for men, or women, or both)? Write about at least two.

A) I think one of the most important gender issues is the limited work places for women.
Especially in Japan, women tend to be passive to their work environments.
Even if they have children who have to be cared by parents, they should be given lots of opportunities to work.

Second thing is the stresses which lots of men might have in their unconscious inside.
These may become serious mental diseases for men.
Not only men but lots of women have unconsciously some mental diseases these days.
Today nobady can live without going through stresses in their life.