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To be honest

2011.06.28| ・カナダにて
It's 16:50 in Halifax.
I sent e-mail to my boy friend.
I always think about you!
To be honest, I'm really missing you and my country...
In my deep inside, I wanna go back to Japan because there are you and my family.
I really wanna meet you...It's too hard to stay here for a year!
I can't imagine that I'm gonna stay here for a year...
Even if everyone is kind, it's different from family and boy friend.
They are not my family and my boy friend.
I have to go through lots of tough experiences by myself.
Nobody can help me at that time....
Even if I can understand what they says, I'm still feeling lonely.

But I have to go through plenty of difficulties.
I don't wanna be a loser.
I don't think that I have great abilities of English, but I have to try.
I always think "I have to...I have to...".
It's quite hard. I'm really missing you.
Please don't forget me!

When I'm alone, I'm always feeling lonely.
It's heavy home sick.

I'm gonna go to school from tomorrow to study business English!!
I'm gonna be a student for 3 months. It's a little bit long!
But my duty never end. I have to find a job next...



am so proud of u that u decided to go to canada n learn english n everything.
its not an easy decision to make,u should proud of urself! take it easy,
ur english is brilliant:)
i wish i could write like u!!
if u go through everything by urself, u will be another girl u know?
step by step, day by day...u r learning.
one year later,what will u see?
can u see the difference?
am sure u will achieve ur dream! good luck poly :):):)

I really appreciate your comment.

I'd tried to write the articles in this blog in positive way.
I'd thought the more positive the articles are, the more positive I become.
But after I came here, I've not been able to do so.

I've tend to be very negative about my future especially after I came here alone.
I can't help thinking that I have nothing in my life.
I don't have any useful qualifications. I don't work. I just study everyday.
I can't know what will happen in my future even if I continue this effort.
I have no idea.

Maybe I'm apt to feel homesick more than anybody.
That's terrible...I love journey, I love alone, I love foreign coutry.
But as the same time I miss my country, I miss my family, I really don't wanna be alone.
I'm too difficult girl to treat...

>step by step, day by day...u r learning

What a beautiful reassurance it is!
Thank you so much. I've known you are kind by reading your blog.
Your blog had been always written with positive thinking. I loved it.

I'll do my best as long as I'm here.
Thank you for your kindness :)


sometimes i think the same things as u.
i have nothing, no qualification, no high education....
but if u think negatively, ur future wont be blight.
i am sure u r learning lots of things there, dont get urself down.

actually i have no idea what will happen to me in my future.
i am working like a workaholic....no private time,havent got enough time for anything...even i had no time to think about my dream.
but finally someone reminds me of these things.
i gotta move! if i dont try anything,nothing will happen.

look up the sky!
u will see the same sky as ur family see:)
u r not alone.


Thank you for your tenderness.

Are you ok??
no private time,working like a workaholic...that's terrible!
You should care for yourself, your health, your mind.

I can't stand a stressful life!
Even if my life in Halifax is stressful, I can stay here as long as I belive my dream will come true.
Do you have relax, stress-free time?
I don't know about your life so much, but please don't overwork!

Sky was beautiful blue today.
It's better to go outside than staying inside.