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Business English

2011.06.30| ・カナダにて
The business English class started!!
At first, I didn't have any plans to go to school on working holiday visa.
But I couldn't stand loneliness!
Actually, shcool is really interesting and useful for now.
Do you know these meaning??

* There's muck, there's money.
* A licence to print money.
* Money doesn't grow on trees.
* Money is no object.
* A fool and his money are soon parted.

These are idioms related to money.

* money up front
* they one worth a lot of money
* colour of someone's money

It's quite fun :)
I'd studied the kind of business English in Japan with reading newspaper and so on.
Now, these studies help me learn English.

I think living in foreign country is much superior to living in Japan to get the sences of English.
It's the very best way for my Englsih.
Unless I contact my boy friend or family or friends, I stay with Englsih for 24 hours.

The people who live in Halifax are most pleasant people.
And as you know, there're a few Japanese people.
Of course you can find lots of Japanese by yourself.
But I wouldn't. I don't need Japanese friends here.
All Japanese whom I need are my family, friends and boy friend.

I might be too strict for myself because most of students get along with friends who came here from their own counries.
If anything should happen to me, I would need some help from Japanese people.
But for now I don't need it.

It is said that the worst thing for your Englsih is to speak your own language.
Some people, as soon as they find their own people, they speak their own language.
Anyway, it's not my business.
I don't care whether some Japanese speak Japanese with Japanese or not.
My English will be better according as I try to speak Englsih.