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Favorite sentences

2011.07.02| ・カナダにて
I tackled IELTS preparation book.
It's as difficult as can be!!

And I'm also reading these books, NEWSWEEK and "Chiken soup for the soul".
When I was a high shcool student, I used to read "Chiken soup for the soul" many times.
This is another edition.

I can find a lot of beautiful and funny sentences in these!

"Our differences meshed and never clashed."
"I screamed. I was outside on the pouch and the entire town must have heard me. Dansing around and jumping up and down, I shouted out my joy."

This is not so much English sentences as feeling itself.

"History, however, shows that in the end, confession and catharsis always come."
"Vogue is a favorite pit stop for many an injured partner."

These are cynical ones.
The more I read NEWSWEEK, the more I can find the kind of sentences.
I think there are not less than 50 iroies in a NEWSWEEK.
The editers must make the most of their abilities to make it funny.

"Where adult bipolar disorder expresses itself in episodic out-of-character behavior, a child diagnosed with bipolar disorder will have symptoms that characterize the child's typical behavior."

I leand how to use the adverb "where" by this sentence.
I must avail myself of every opportunity tp lean English because of its flourish.

"But trusting Republican politicians to balance the budget is like putting an arsonist in charge of the fire department."

It's funny. I love it.
I can't help reading NEWSWEEK because of these sarcasm.