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Forcus on differencies

2011.07.03| ・カナダにて
I've been shadowing by these Youtube videos.
It's so useful that I've been trying shadowing many times.
And I realized that I have to focus the grammatical characters in Englsih when I speak English.
Cuz in Japanese I don't have to focus the grammatical rules which English has.
For example we Japanese don't focus tence in speaking Japanese cuz Japanese is very ambiguous language in terms of tense.

But English is different.
When I said "I'm writing blog in English." to a native English speaker, she asked me "Are you writing it now? Or do you mean you've been writing blog in English? Cuz when you say you're writing blog in English, you mean you're writing it right now."

I can say "I write blog in English" or "I've been writing blog in English."
This is a good example.

I also have to pay attention whether I talk about past events or present events, it was done or not.
It's interesting cuz the more I learn the grammatical differencies between Japanese and English, the more profound my understanding about English is.