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How to obtain fascinating treasures

2011.07.04| ・カナダにて
I'm a net surfing addict.
When I come up with a question even if it's trivia, I can't help getting information about it by using internet.
It's pretty exciting.
When I was in Japan, of course I'd searched everything in Japanese.
But after I came here, I've been trying to look for the interesting articles in English not Japanese.
At first (even now) it was quite hard, but it's fascinating to be able to contact brand-new articles and blogs.

There are lots of exciting articles written in Englsih all over the world.
If you can't use English skills practically (even if you can read English), you can't find the attractive treasures.

One of the things which I wanna obtain in English is the information.
Do you know that Japan is called "Galapagos Islands" by other people.
I found it in Lonely Planet which is famous travel guide book in the world.

I love Galapagos Islands, I really wanna go there and see lots of unique, strange animals there.
But, I'm not comfortable that Japan is regarded as Galapagos Island.

Of course Japan has developed very unique, attractive cultures for a long time like Galapagos.
But if Japan is like Galapagos Islands, we Japanese can't contact the world because of its isolation.
Don't you feel uncomfortable about this??

I don't wanna be a isolated person. Anybody doesn't wanna be.
Thus I wanna get at the splendid, flourish and fruitful information from all over the world.

Here's an example of the articles that I acquired.
10 Ways to Overcome Loneliness While Traveling Solo

I love the kind of HOW TO articles.
Especially this is about loneliness in foreign country, so I can deal with my disappointment and solitude by reading this.