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Annoying experience

2011.07.04| ・カナダにて
I wanna write some experiences which I'd gone through in Halifax.
To live in foreign country is quite hard for everybody.
You have to have some annoying experiences whether you like it or not.
It's inevitable.
I know that. I know it would be great memories in the future after I go back to Japan.
BUT. I just wanna write those down here to get out the frustration.

Annoying experience 1.
I should have worked as a volunteer in multi-cultural festival.
In the session which was held before the festival, we volunteers were asked to go to the festival 15 minutes before the start.

My shift would start 9:00am.
Thus I went there 8:40 just like most Japanese do so.
But nobody came there.
There were not more than 10 people. But they were not volunteer staffs but manegers!

Around 9:00 few volunteer people came to the entrance area and checked in.
I did as well.
Most people were passed yellow bests which volunteers should wear.
But I was told that I didn't have to wear the best.

And then every volunteer was dispatched their work area, but nobody talked to me.
So I asked manegers whether I should go to my work area or not.
Surprisingly, they told me my work would start at 11:00am!
They wondered why my shift would start 9:00, it's too early.

I was so surprised. I didn't know that.
I just came here to work as a volunteer.
Actually I was really looking forward to work there, but my enthusiasm was completely shattered.

To be honest, the festival didn't seem to be very attractive for me.
I was disappointed.

I didn't wanna waste my time to wait with bored.
I went back to my home, and I skiped work.
I should have worked 3 days, but I never went there again.

That's my first bad experience in Halifax.
It was bad, wasn't it?????