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till the cows come home...

2011.07.05| ・カナダにて
I went to free conversation class today.
It was very interesting as well as before.
The theme was " the environment".
New phrases
* down to earth: humble , not pound
* go off the deep end : crazy
* out to lunch : crazy

* abiding : unceasing, never stopping, keeping for along time
* mould : mold, to influence the way someone's character or attitudes develop

* muse : wonder, think deeply
* ponder : think, not think very deeply

* no skin of my nose : it's not my bussiness, It's not important to me
* keep your nose on the groundstone : apply your conscientious your work

* till the cows come home : forever
* pond : puddle

As you know, I've badly missed my country since I came here.
But I know that to stay here is very useful for my English because I don't have to expose myself to Japanese language.
If it's in Japan, I can't live without listening to Japanese or talking in Japanese.

The most great advantage to stay in foreign country is to isolate myself from Japanese culture.
Unless I talk with my family or boy friend, I can't hear Japanese.
Unless I watch the Japanese movie or drama voluntarily (I'll never do that), I can't listen Japanese talking.
As long as I stay here, I don't have to use my Japanese skills.
Never fear!! haha

But I'm madly in love with my country. Why?????
I know Japanese people tend to be overwork.
They tend to be very serious about their life.
They might not know how to enjoy their limited life.

They are apt to regard their life as testing stuff even if it's not.
They might be too timid to communicate with somebody.
They might be apt to be mental disorder more than someone else. (I'm not sure)

But, regardless of those disadvantage, I fall in love with Japan and Japanese.
I'm good at looking the positive aspects of Japanese.
They are tender, polite, humble, sensitive, honest, gentle and so on...
umm...I think I'm really lucky to had been born as a Japanese in Japan.