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A intense desire

2011.07.05| ・カナダにて
I have a dream which is one of the most desirable, attractive stuff for me.
I wanna read novels written in English!!! That's my dream!
Did you say "It's easy! Why are you saying that?"
Boy, I think it's difficult..reading novels..quit hard!
I love reading books, especially novels!!! I love it.
I feel like dancing, jumping up and down when I find splendid, hilarious, extraordinary novels.

I can't forget the experience.
If it's written in Japanese, it's much the most exciting experience.
To meet a favorite novel is like to meet the gay who will be your boy friend.
To love a novel is like to fall in love with someone.

It's completely extraordinary!!!!!!
But, when I read novels I wanna understand every sentences.
I wanna feel the scenes, I wanna know the meaning by the each sentence.
I wanna smell scents of sentences.

It was the age of 18.
Great was my surprise when I met a favorite novels which was written by Yamada Eimi.
The novel, it seemed, was ordinary one.
But once I started reading, I became a reading addict.
On the contrary, I'd red everything which were written by her.

ummm..I have to sleep! It's 1:30 in midnight!! Good night!!