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Book Review1 "He's just not your type"

2011.07.06| ・カナダにて
I like the kind of books which are cynical, acute, funny and a little bit sentimental.
Most girls who are still dreaming to meet a handsome, high-educated guy must like this book.
I don't mean I like the kind of guy.
I think these books will eventually turn out to be useless, but they still have some values of existence for the girls.

The book says if you have been dating guys who are rich, handsome, have all what you want, you might have to ponder whether it could be great relationship with you or not.
If you have been still single despite of your eagerness, you might have to think about your ideal model of guy again.

The book seems like a "Sex and the city" which is very famous movie in the wolrd.
I don't know whether the book would be useful for most women who've read it or not.
These kind of rules of love is more likely to be forgotten easily.

Because to analyze love is impossible!!
How can we know that it's true love?
How can we determine it's worth getting marrige or committing lots time for the person whom you like.
Even if somebody have been able to keep his great marrige, he can't manifest it because love is too abstract to discuss.

But I agree with this idea that you can change your life by changing your perspective on love.
Most people (no matter males or females) tend to prefer handsome/sexy, high-educated/motherlike people than who are not like these.
But after your marrige, will these advantage be worth keeping the marrige?

Human being gets older, it's inevitable.
Nobody have ever seen the people who has lived forever.
Wrinkle, spot, osteoporosis, disaster, war, disorder, traffic accident, death...Life is full of darkness and distortions.
You can't watch the only positive aspects of life.

When you have to tackle testing time in your life, who would stay with you to try to overcome it??
When you feel like crying, who can help you stand up again??
The most important thing is not superficial effect on your life.
In your deep inside, you must realize it...ummm

Anyway, it was my first book which I could read in English with my pure enthusiasm about content.
What a exciting it was!!! I'll find another book in the library!!!