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How is my life changing after I came here??

2011.07.07| ・カナダにて
I've been here for almost one month!! I can't belieave it. Time goes by so fast!
At first, I couldn't stand the life in Halifax anymore cuz everything is different from Japan's.
Road signs, width of the road, traffic rules, weather, foods, qualityies and quantities of everytihing...
I'd been to Canada before, so I've known that already.
I've known that in Canada there are lots of traffic rules, the people tend to be very friendly, weather isn't so good, everything is huge compared to Japan's.
But after I came here, I realized living in foreign county is so different from just traveling.

You can look at only good aspects of the country in your travel.
When I visited India with my boy friend for just few days, we'd tackled lots of weird, annoying situations which made us tired.
Regardless, I did really enjoyed the trip, and it was exciting experience even now,

Because it was just for few days!!
If it had been one year stay, definitely I would have run away and gone back to my most safest country in the world.

But you have to tackle lots of customs and people who have totally different ideas from you when you stay there.
You can't stay there with ignorance of their culture and morals.
There are tremendous differencies between traveling and living.

I've gradually been accustomed to totally brand-new world.
Even now it's stressful cuz the house where I'm living is not my family's, I have to cook by myself (I've always eaten pasta...), I don't have so many friends here.
I'm a stranger, even now. I always feel I'm a stranger.

But it's better than in Japan in terms of varaeties of cultures.
In canada, I'm not sure but 5 out of 10 people might be immigrant!! It's vast,isn't it?!
So everyone tend to be friendly for foreigners and strangers.
It has been helping me stay here.

If it's in Japan, everone might look at a white face, golden hair.
(No offence. Japanese people do like foreigners, but they don't know how to deal with the situation)

But, still, it's not proper for me.
Just because I'm a Japanese.
Some articles about living abroad and studying language in foreign county say that you should be more flexible about their culture.
umm...I agree with them cuz it maght make you more comfortable to live there.

But I think being a Japanese is my essential identity to live in my life.
So actually I don't think I will be ale to be accustomed to this life in Canada.

I met a guy who was born in Japan and grew up there.
He had been working for a long time in Tokyo where is one of the most busiest cities in the world.
(If you don't know about that, come to Canada! How slow the pace of the city is! Even if it's Toronto.)

He hated the lifestyle which had been going so fast and never stop.
Nobody stop in Tokyo unless catastprophe would occur or a splendid, luxurious woman would appear.

He was badly sick and tired of it and decided to change his and his wife's life.
They'd never been to another cities in Canada, but they came to Halifax and started their new life!!
It's amazing!! If I were them, I would be scared, and maybe I wouldn't be able to do so.

Cuz I can't run away from my beloved country where my family and my friends have lived.
There are my everything!!! How can I leave!!!??
When I was young, I'd been thinking I had to find the only one place where I should live.
I didn't know where it was, but I was sure of its existence.
But finally, I realized I've been uncousciously fallen in love with my country, Japan.

I don't mean I'm complaing to him, but he is brave, and his wife is brave, definitely. I swear.
um...This post is too long to read. I'm sorry!
In a word, my life has never been changing!!