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Book Review2 "A Year in Search on Wa"

2011.07.08| ・カナダにて
I'm reading this book which is about Japanese culture and people.
The author had lived in Japan for a year and gone through lots of difficulties there.
For her, Japanese culture was like a alien.
She couldn't read Japanese well, so she didn't buy something without frustration and bother.
This book should be very interesting for Japanese because there are lots of discovery here.

Book is full of knowledge and useful words!!
I can't thank my inclination enough.
I'll show you some very interesting explanations about Japanese.

1."Their daughter's own income was largely superfluous since her life was paid for, soup to nuts, by her devoted dad.
But, just in case she got too comfortable with her singlle lifestyle, the Japanese built in a catch.
And what will happen if she waits too long and suddenly finds facing the yawing abyss of spinsterhood?"'s difficult question.
Thesedays, most of the young go to university and their parents would pay the fees.
If children haven't found "the one", they can live with their parents with a little payment.
They have no doubt about it, cuz it helps the young buys his/her expensive cloth, accesory, car.
The parents are also happy cuz they don't have to feel lonely by separating fron their children.

There seems to be no independence anymore, and it's harmful.
But it depends on family.
Some parents have been raising their children very strictly, others are not.

2." There is no Bill Gates in Japan. Such a person would be hated here.
The Japanese deeply resent the arrogance of a self-made man.
There's nothing that the Japanese hate more than the narikin."

umm..It's also interesting.
Actually in my experience, I've never thought the kind of things.
I would accept the existence of the narikin.

3." In Japan, teacher is not a bad profession. Theachers are the shining public example for the next generation, the very center of web of human relathinship.
But they must comport themselves accordingly.
Their most important responsibility is neither the computer nor the abacus - it's teaching his studints how to become good Japanese."

It's funny and cynical explanation.
I think it's true because in Japan, everyone seems to be punctual, never break rules and morals.
Teacher is regarded as the example of a perfect Japanese.
Even if it's impossible, most parents expect teachers to be perfect example for their children.

Indeed, it's the most stressful work in Japan.
How man teachers has recuperated and run away from their job??? I don't know but it must be enormous.

You can't look at Japanese characters very well in Japan because there, it's natural.
You can't notice it with living as a Japanese.
But once you go outside, you can realize lots of differencies between Japan and foreign countries.
It's very interesting.