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My mom is coming to Canada!!!

2011.07.11| ・カナダにて
My mon is coming to eastern Canada, including Quebec, Halifax and Prince Edward Island.
I can't stand to wait it!
I'm looking forward to her coming here!
Also, my boy friend is gonna come and see me!
That's a great news! What exciting news!!
Since I came here, I has thanked them for helping me.
They are always with me :)

And I'm gonna take TOEIC test on September 17th in Quebec!!
I prefer to take it after in Japan rather than in Canada.
I'd rather not take it here because I don't have enough confidence in my ability.

I'm not sure whether my English skills have been improving day by day or not.
Perhaps those might not have been improving, and have been the same levels.
I won't beleive it.

But it could be possible, because I think even if you go abroad, your English skills don't necessarily improve.
It totally depends on your ability and continuous attempt.
So I strongly recommend that you study hard in Japan before you go abroad as much as possible.
It must be helpful in foreign country.

I should have studied more before I came here, especially grammar.
Now I'm studying grammar aggressively.
If I have studied it properly, I could speak more fluently..umm..
I didn't have to read complicated literature..I regret reading it a lot instead of studying grammer.
But having done a lot of things, I couldn't study grammer.
I was't completely dull, so I won't regret it..

Anyway, the news of my mom and my boy friend coming makes me so happy.
Being alone, I has badly been missing my country.

The day before yesterday, I woke up of sleep, and I saw a strage, black rope turning..
I was completely upset, and turned on the light.
There was nothing strange, it was the same, ordinary room...

I told my boy friend, and he said I might have had a bad dream.
But I surely saw it! The black rope was turing...horrible
At the time I was firmly convinced that I will be a mental disorder if I stay here for a year.
Oh..I always digress from the main subject..