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Have finished grammar book!

2011.07.13| ・カナダにて
It was too thick!! So it took long, long time to finish it.
Today, in the shcool, I talked about Fukushima nuclear power plant.
Has it still been exploding the radiation??
Actually I don't know because I have not been watching the articles about it.
But I explained the details of accident of nuclear contamination because of Tsunami and Earthquake.
Some people died from severe sick of radiation, some people who had been making living by agriculture committed suicide because they couldn't work any more.
Lots workers of TEPCO don't wanna work in very dengerous situation, but they have been working reluctantly because they are the only people who can work there.
There are still plenty of problems.

My laptop has been suffering from virus which deleted all of my data in my laptop!!!
I just clicked a article related travel in Canada, searching hotels and tours in Quebec.
And then a warning poped up on the screen.
I didn't care about it, I continued my work.
And all of sudden, my laptop shutted down!

I powered it up, and tried to use it normally, but the desktop screen still remains black, no skpe, no bottun...
How horrible!!! What can I do without my laptop??
How can I contact my mom? How can we make a plan of our trip without laptop???

Fortunately (actually it's not fortunate), the virus has just been deleted all of data.
It has not been obstructed me from using internet.