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What is the best way to learn multi-language?

Actually,I can write blog in English like that.
And I also think that most people who are learning and have learnd can use English.

But Japanese people are very shy and cowardly, so thay are so afraid of making some mistakes in using English. It's not good way of imploving your English skill.

Some mistakes would help you to fing your weak point, and you can become a good English speaker than before.
I am learning 7 languages currently, and it's very hard because I cannot use English perfectly even now.
But the kowledge of English helps me to study these different languages. It takes a lot of your times and you have to make a lot of effort to become a good speaker in your future.
I can't image how much effort I have to make in 3 or 5 years in my life.

But definitely, my listening skill of English is imploving day by day. I'm ganna so happy to know that.
Actualy I have no plan of writing this post,so it's very mess,sorry.

The four languages, French,Spanish, Italy and Portugues are very similer in terms of thier rules of grammer.
But it's not as similer as I've thought. The pronounce are very different.

I'm ganna be tired..