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French is more posh than other languages.

2010.12.24| ・フランス語
I have never met French, I have had that experience once.
When I was eighteen years old when I went to Canada by myself and I was traveling all over Canada, I met a French woman.
She was maybe very kind and nice person (Actually I'm not sure about that because I could't speark English very well, so I couldn't communicate with that woman at all...)
She was not tall and in black hair as well as most French women.

Oh I'm ganna tired, so I'll change my topic in this post.
Today I studied French, Spanish, German, English, Portugues and Italy.
I studied all of languages which I'm learning except Russian.
I've been studing these all day!
It was a long day...

But still, learning languages is really interesting and fascinating hobby for me.
It helps me to open other doors to other worlds which I've never seen before.
I'm so compelled to be a good speaker of these languages and communicate with people who are living all over the world.
It's just promising!