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Now,children've been having a lot of testing time.

I'd taken dictations of BBC news of English Journal.
In England they have a problem which is whether they should do strict tests for children or scrap it.

The entrance examination war, I had lived through it when I was a high school student.
I was not a good student for teachers, so I'd always defied teacher's saying. Because I couldn't understand it.
They'd always said "You have to get good scores to enter a good university which is very famous. And if you can, you can be very proud of yourself, but you'll be a loser if you cannot."
It's so crasy and ridiculous,isn't it?!
I think that rules and values in school are not absolute and perfect. To teach that children have no way to live without using good scores or educational level don't give good chances to enjoy thier life.
Children have to play alot and use their muscles, and it's not same as being ridiculous.


* Sats : tests for children in school of England
* distort
* pupil : student
* MP : Member of Parliament
* narrow

* curriculum
* testing time : time with difficult
* and things
* perform : achive
* scrutiny

* cross-perty : perty means government's group
* call for -- : need,
* stop short of doing : stop something before doing something